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Airgways &® extends a new Airgways Library segment where the reader will be able to find the most relevant, current publications, as well as the legendary editions of the past that you will want to enjoy.

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Downfall: The Case Against Boeing


Rory Elizabeth Katherine Kennedy (Washington DC, December 12, 1968) is an American documentary filmmaker, daughter of Senator Robert F. Kennedy and activist Ethel Skakel. Rory Kennedy has made documentary films that focus on social issues such as addiction , nuclear radiation, the treatment of prisoners of war and the policy of the Mexican border wall. Her films have been featured on many television networks. She made her debut in 1999 with the documentary American Hollow, and to date she has worked on more than twenty documentaries as a director or producer.


EDITORIAL: Rory Kennedy

VIDEO: 2022 | 16+ | 1hr 29min GENDER: Documentary films
LANGUAGE: English German, Spanish, Italian
AWARDS: Emmy winner and Oscar nominee Rory Kennedy directs this documentary produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard.


Downfall: The Case Against Boeing

Documentary Downfall presents history debacle 737 MAX
Boeing Methodology as a Technological Tragedy

Netflix presents a documentary about the troubled Boeing 737 MAX plane. The missteps of the American constructor are traced in the documentary called “Downfall: The Case Against Boeing”. Directed by filmmaker Rory Kennedy, the youngest son of politician and lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, “Downfall” recounts how the aerospace giant cut corners in a race to compete against European builder Airbus, and lobbied hard to downplay known problems with a computerized flight control system that was capable of causing the 737 MAX to enter a fatal flight dive.

After two catastrophic plane crashes, first in Indonesia with Lion Air flight JT-610 in 2018 and just five months later in Ethiopia with Ethiopian Airlines flight ET-302, they have marked a turning point in the history of safety. of the American company. The combined number of dead amounted to 346 people. The entire world fleet of 737 MAX aircraft was grounded for twenty months while Boeing and safety agencies worked on a solution to the Flight Control System known as the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS). When the Indonesian accident occurred, the root cause seemed to be shrouded in uncertainty. But further investigation showed that Boeing knew the cause had to do with adjustments to an automated MCAS software routine.

In the early stages of those investigations, MCAS was meant to prevent planes from stalling in extreme conditions and ended up doing forcing planes to dive nose down, or dive. The documentary “Downfall” uses computer graphics and re-enactments to clearly show how MCAS and other failure points on the Boeing 737 MAX figured into the tragedy. The film also presents evidence from emails and other documents showing that when the 737 MAX was receiving certification for flight, Boeing was desperate to avoid providing pilots with additional training, at additional cost, so desperate that the company hid the capabilities. of the MCAS software to pilots, airlines and regulators.

“Downfall” stars critical pilots, former FAA officials, key investigators including US Representative Peter Defazio (D-Oregon), and the families of the victims. Journalists appearing on screen include The Air Current’s Jon Ostrower, who lives in Seattle; Andy Pasztor, who covered the controversy as an aerospace reporter for The Wall Street Journal; and KING-5 reporter Glenn Farley, who makes a cameo appearance in the news footage. Boeing executives are largely absent explaining their side of the story. But “Downfall” airs Boeing’s written responses to questions at the end of the 89-minute documentary. The trace also indicates that The Boeing Company paid $2.5 billion to avoid criminal prosecution.

There is a lot that can be said in 89 Minutes: Some of the other controversies that have dogged Boeing in recent years, for example, production problems with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner or glitches that have plagued Boeing’s Starliner space taxi, are not they mention.

But by focusing on the tragedy of the 737 MAX, “Downfall” presents a textbook case of how hubris and greed can have deadly consequences, tarnishing the reputation of a long-respected engineering powerhouse in the process. . It’s a lesson that applies not just to Boeing or just the aerospace industry, but to the tech community at large.




Flying Blind

The 737 MAX Tragedy and the Fall of Boeing


Peter Robison is an investigative journalist for Bloomberg and Bloomberg Businessweek. He is a recipient of the Gerald Loeb Award, the Malcolm Forbes Award, and four “Best in Business” awards from the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing. A native of St. Paul, Minnesota, with an honors degree in history from Stanford University, he lives in Seattle, Washington, with his wife and two sons. 


EDITORIAL: Doubleday & Co. Inc.
PUBLICATION DATE: November 30, 2021

Hardback format | 336 pages
Dimensions 163 x 243 x 30mm | 641g
Editorial Random House USA Inc
Doubleday & Co Inc.
Publication City/Country New York, United States
ISBN10 0385546491
ISBN13 9780385546492
RANKING: Best-selling books rank 86,824

Other Editions of This Title:
Digital Audiobook (11/29/2021)
Paperback, Large Print (1/4/2022)


The Boeing Company is a century-old titan of industry. It played a major role in the early days of commercial flight, World War II bombing missions, and moon landings. The planemaker remains a cornerstone of the U.S. economy, as well as a linchpin in the awesome routine of modern air travel. But in 2018 and 2019, two crashes of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 killed 346 people. The crashes exposed a shocking pattern of malfeasance, leading to the biggest crisis in the company’s history—and one of the costliest corporate scandals ever. 
How did things go so horribly wrong at Boeing?
Flying Blind is the definitive exposé of the disasters that transfixed the world. Drawing from exclusive interviews with current and former employees of Boeing and the FAA; industry executives and analysts; and family members of the victims, it reveals how a broken corporate culture paved the way for catastrophe. It shows how in the race to beat the competition and reward top executives, Boeing skimped on testing, pressured employees to meet unrealistic deadlines, and convinced regulators to put planes into service without properly equipping them or their pilots for flight. It examines how the company, once a treasured American innovator, became obsessed with the bottom line, putting shareholders over customers, employees, and communities.
By Bloomberg investigative journalist Peter Robison, who covered Boeing as a beat reporter during the company’s fateful merger with McDonnell Douglas in the late ‘90s, this is the story of a business gone wildly off course. At once riveting and disturbing, it shows how an iconic company fell prey to a win-at-all-costs mentality, threatening an industry and endangering countless lives.


Flying blind
The 737 MAX Tragedy And The Fall Of Boeing

*An NPR «Books We Love» Selection of 2021

“Vividly written and meticulously researched, Flying Blind is a story everyone—every consumer, every citizen, every worker in every industry—needs to read. Peter Robison brilliantly places Boeing’s deadly downfall within the larger tragedy of an American business culture that gradually has smashed every altar but the one where the bottom line is worshipped”.
Diana B. HenriquesNew York Times bestselling author of The Wizard of Lies and A First-Class Catastrophe

«A disturbing account that will return much-deserved scrutiny both to Boeing and to its regulator».
Wall Street Journal

“Flying Blind is superb reporting in service of a riveting story. Robison has crafted this tour de force masterfully, showing how modern capitalism’s abandonment of quality in favor of quick bucks literally knocked airplanes out of the sky. As you turn each page in growing disbelief and anger, I guarantee it will keep you reading late into the night”.
Kurt EichenwaldNew York Times bestselling author of Conspiracy of Fools and The Informant

«The long train of events that led to the tragedies—and the subsequent reputational and financial trashing of one of America’s biggest companies—is expertly dissected in Flying Blind…. A ‘bottom-line mindset’ prevailed. In rich detail, Mr Robison chronicles the shortcomings of that approach at a firm where safety should be paramount».
—The Economist

“Peter Robison’s compelling and richly reported Flying Blind is about so much more than the sad decline of Boeing and the tragic mistakes that led to the 737 Max disaster. It’s also the urgent story of how the almighty profit motive supplanted a culture of engineering excellence in boardrooms across America and the avoidable calamity that has impacted all of us as a result”.
Brad Stone, New York Times bestselling author of Amazon Unbound and The Everything Store

“Peter Robison’s Flying Blind is the astoundingly well reported and beautifully told story of the downfall of what was once a great American company.  Robison, who got to know Boeing in the late 1990s as a beat reporter, watched as the proud engineering culture was decimated by those who cared first and foremost about making money.  The details are unique, but what makes this book a must-read is that the story’s theme has become all too common”.
Bethany McLeanNew York Times bestselling co-author of The Smartest Guys in the Room

«Flying Blind is a gripping narrative and required reading for anyone who wants to understand how one of America’s mightiest corporations veered so badly off course».
Sheelah KolhatkarNew Yorker staff writer and New York Times bestselling author of Black Edge

«A startling investigation of the corporate blunders behind the tragedies that claimed the lives of 346 passengers».
—Sunday Times (UK)

“Chilling…A vital and enraging portrait of an avoidable tragedy”.
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

«A remarkable look at corporate culture’s impact on consumer safety, Flying Blind is a captivating and unsettling portrait of Boeing and American business».
Booklist (starred review)

«[A] revealing exposé…A damning, highly readable account of a once-great company brought to its knees by bad leadership».

«A gripping tale…Robison’s fast-paced account serves as an excellent case study of business mismanagement…and will have broad appeal as a story about the rise and fall of a historic business».
Library Journal (starred review)


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