Airgways® extiende a nuestros lectores el Calendario Aeronáutico 2022 acerca del mundo de la aviación y el espacio. La siguiente lista ha sido confeccionada por los datos provistos por los organismos respectivos de las ferias, shows aéreos y congresos. Para más información o actualización de los datos, visite el contacto de cada organizador.

Airgways® extends to our readers the 2023 Aeronautical Calendar about the world of aviation and space. The following list has been compiled by the data provided by the respective organism of the fairs, air show, and congresses. For more information or update of the data, visit the contact of each organizer.

Kuwait Aviation Show 2023

Event to Calendario 2024
ADDRESS: Benid Al-Qar, Block 3 / Street 65 / Behbehani Building Number 21 | Kuwait Republic
TEL: +965 22446445
+965 99440114

Held under the sponsorship of his highness the deceased emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah and in collaboration with the General Directorate of Civil Aviation as the Superior Committee, in cooperation and coordination with: the Amiri Diwan, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Information, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance, Chief General of the Staff of the Kuwait Army, Kuwait Air Force, Kuwait National Guard, Kuwait Fire Services Directorate. With the support of: Municipality of Kuwait, the General Administration of Customs, Kdipa, Tourism Sector (Hala Kuwait), Farwaniya Governorate, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET), KAFCO and officially sponsored by Kuwait Airways. The Kuwait Aviation Show 2020 was based on the great success of the inaugural show in January 2018, which attracted some 110 local and international companies with more than 50 aircraft on display and almost 40,000 commercial and public visitors.

In 2020 we had more than 200 local and international companies in about 37 countries with more than 89 commercial and military aircraft on exhibition and more than 70,000 commercial and public visitors with more than 400 international and regional media.

Both his excellence Sheikh Mohammad al-Abdullah al-Mubarak al-Sabah Vice-Minister Amiri Diwan and Sheikh Salman al-Humoud al-Sabah General Director, General Directorate of Civil Aviation, Kuwait state, opened the 2020 show welcoming a multitude of government and military officials, diplomats and public.

The Kuwait Air Force, the Saudi Falcones, the Emirati cavalry team, the United States Air Force, the Italian Air Force and the British Air Force, in addition to Qatar’s paratrooper team, made fantastic aerial shows that impressed and admired to an enthusiastic crowd.

The 2024 edition of the show will be based on the formidable success of the last event. The 2024 will be our main show with more than 300 exhibitors, representation of the media of all corners of the world, up to 90 planes on display and a large number of workshops and conferences.


13—17 FEBRUARY 2023
ADDRESS: Air Force Station, Yelahanka, Karnataka, Bengalaru | INDIA
TEL: +91 11 43663320
EMAIL: aerindia-ddp [at] go [dot] in

SIAE 2023

54º Salon International L’Aronautique et de l’Escace
19—25 JUNE 2023
ADDRESS: Parc des Exhibitionions of Paris-Le Bourget, France
TEL: +33 (0) 1 53 23 33 33

The International Aeronautical Hall is organized by SIAE, a Gifas subsidiary, Groupe De Industries Françaises Aeronautiques et Spatial. The 54th edition of the Fair will take place at the Parc Despositions of Paris-Le Bourget in June 2023 and will once again gather all the actors in the global industry around the latest technological innovations. The first four days of the Fair will be reserved for professionals followed by three days for the general public.

Air Tattoo Show 2023

The Royal Air Force Charitable Trust Enterprises
14-16 JULY 2023
ADDRESS: Douglas Bader House, Horcott Hill, Fairford, Gloudeshire, GL7 4RB, United Kingdom.
TEL: +01285 713456
EMAIL: / Sale Ticket

The Royal International Air Tattoo is more than a world -class aviation class celebration. When he attends the fair or buys merchandise, he is also supporting and directly inspiring the next generation of aviation. Enthusiasts The Royal International Air Tattoo has a reputation as an exceptional place to do business. We have a captive and very influential audience with more than 170,000 visitors, 6,000 corporate guests and almost 1,500 military from 32 countries and 52 global partners. Our luxurious hospitality opportunities provide an impressive aerial show Experience: Enjoy spectacular views of aerial exhibitions, complemented with exquisite food and drink served throughout the day. Of special celebrations through entertaining customers and guests; Increase your experience and become part of the world’s biggest air show. Our custom hospitality package range are designed to provide a truly memorable occasion.

Malta International Air Show 2023

23, 24 SEPTEMBER 2023
ADDRESS: Malta International Airport, Luqa, LQA 4000, Malta.

We are delighted to announce that the Malta International Aeronautical Salon will return in 2023! After a two -year pause, we cannot wait to welcome the aviation enthusiasts around the world once again to this exciting event. Celebrated annually every September at the Malta International Airport, Luqa, the Malta International Aeronautical Hall, one of the largest outdoor events in Malta, has earned the well -deserved reputation as one of the best family events in the air in the air Malta free.

Scheduled for September 23 and 24, 2023, the Malta International Aeronautical Hall promises to be another exciting event for all. Attendees can expect to see an exciting exhibition of acrobatic maneuvers and static exhibitions that show some of the most impressive aircraft in the world.

Our team has been working hard to bring back the International Aeronautical Hall of Malta and to ensure that this year’s event is another safe and pleasant experience. We would like to express our gratitude to our main sponsors, Janmed, Malta Tourism Authority and Indis Malta. We are very grateful for their continuous support for this event while we hope to work with them in future editions of the International Aeronautical Hall of Malta. We are eager to welcome the International Aeronautical Hall of Malta 2023! Are attentive to more details, including information on ticket sales and the full program of events.


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