TSA exención reglamentaria máscaras


TSA extiende regla de uso máscara hacia 01/2022

La Administración de Seguridad en el Transporte (TSA) ha emitido una orden de uso de máscaras para el transporte aéreo en Estados Unidos hasta Enero 2022. La normativa estaba programada para expirar el 13 de Septiembre de 2021. Las autoridades Federales están extendiendo hasta Enero 2022 el requisito de uso de máscaras faciales en pasajeros en vuelos de aerolíneas y transporte público, una regla destinada a limitar la propagación del Covid-19. Un portavoz de la agencia dijo el Martes 17/08 que el mandato se extenderá hasta el 18 de Enero de 2022.

La TSA informó a los representantes de la industria aérea sobre su plan el Martes 17/08 y planeaba discutirlo con los sindicatos de aerolíneas el Miércoles 18/08. La regla de la máscara también se aplica a los empleados en los aviones y el transporte público. El mandato de la máscara ha sido controvertido y ha llevado a muchos encuentros entre los pasajeros que no quieren usar una máscara y las azafatas de vuelo a las que se les pide que hagan cumplir la regla. La Administración Federal de Aviación (FAA) dijo el Martes 17/08 que las aerolíneas han reportado 3.889 incidentes que involucran a pasajeros indisciplinados este año, y 2.867, o el 74 por ciento, involucraron negarse a usar una máscara.

Las aerolíneas individuales se negaron a comentar sobre la decisión de la Administración Biden, y su grupo comercial, Airlines for America (A4A), solo dijo que las aerolíneas estadounidenses harán cumplir estrictamente la regla. Un grupo más amplio, la Asociación de Viajes de Estados Unidos, dijo que la extensión tiene el apoyo total de la industria de viajes. El sindicato más grande de auxiliares de vuelo dijo que la medida ayudará a mantener seguros a los pasajeros y trabajadores de la aviación. «Tenemos la responsabilidad en la aviación de mantener a todos seguros y hacer nuestra parte para poner fin a la pandemia, en lugar de ayudar a la continuación de la misma. Todos esperamos que las mascarillas del día ya no sean necesarias, pero aún no hemos llegado a ese punto», dijo Sara Nelson, Presidenta de la Asociación de Auxiliares de Vuelo.

TSA statutory exemption masks

TSA extends mask use rule to 01/2022

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has issued an order for the use of masks for air travel in the United States until January 2022. The regulations were scheduled to expire on September 13, 2021. Federal authorities are extending until January 2022 the requirement for the use of face masks on passengers on airline flights and public transport, a rule intended to limit the spread of Covid-19. A spokesperson for the agency said on Tuesday 08/17 that the mandate will run until January 18, 2022.

The TSA informed the airline industry representatives of its plan on Tuesday 08/17 and planned to discuss it with the airline unions on Wednesday 08/18. The mask rule also applies to employees on airplanes and public transportation. The mask mandate has been controversial and has led to many encounters between passengers who do not want to wear a mask and flight attendants who are asked to enforce the rule. The Federal Aviation Administration said Tuesday that airlines have reported 3,889 incidents involving unruly passengers this year, and 2,867, or 74 percent, involved refusing to wear a mask.

Individual airlines declined to comment on the Biden Administration’s decision, with its trade group Airlines for America saying only that US airlines will strictly enforce the rule. A broader group, the American Travel Association, said the extension has the full support of the travel industry. The largest union of flight attendants said the measure will help keep passengers and aviation workers safe. «We have a responsibility in aviation to keep everyone safe and do our part to end the pandemic, rather than help it continue. We all hope that the face masks of the day are no longer needed, but we have yet to got to that point», said Sara Nelson, President of the Association of Flight Attendants.

The mask order, based on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to respond to the pandemic, was first issued on January 29, days after President Joe Biden took office. Before that, airlines had their own requirements for covering their faces, but the administration of former President Donald Trump had refused to make it a federal rule. The spread was not surprising after a recent spike in Covid-19 cases linked to the delta variant of the virus. The seven-day average of new cases reported has surpassed 140,000, a 64 percent increase from two weeks ago and the highest level in more than six months.

Henry Harteveldt, a travel industry analyst at Atmosphere Research Group, said the administration’s decision will reassure people who are concerned about the virus. «I anticipate that it will make them feel more confident traveling through the fall and winter, including the holiday season. Those who don’t take the virus seriously are likely to complain, but they have no choice but to suck it up and wear their masks if they want to catch an airline flight somewhere», Henry Harteveldt said. In recent days, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines have reported that rising coronavirus infections have caused bookings to plummet beyond the usual slowdown that occurs near the end of each summer.

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